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Liam Manthis (Ollivier Mafaya): Kompozytor Filmowy

Liam Manthis

Liam Manthis

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When it comes to my projects, I'm responsible for everything, from start to finish, which means I'm a music/score composer, sound engineer and post-producer giving my clients a finished product they expect. I am very hardworking person and I approach all projects very thoroughly, studying every detail. I have my own private studio where I compose and realize all the projects and in case when additional staff is needed (the real orchestra and/or some specific instruments/musicians) I bear responsibility for them covering all costs associated with it myself. In 2011 I decided to start my own independent record label and music factory called "4Crowd Records" realizing recordings, movie scores and commercial productions. I'm mainly oscillating around the Film and Orchestral Music and I'm interweaving it sometimes with the other genres such as R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock carrying the special needs of specific projects. I have gained a wealth of experience executing and finalizing a multitude of projects based on based on these genres, Classical Music and Film Music (Full Film Scores for the American movie “The Final 4”; directed by Rainer  Cvillink,  2013,
Please allow me to include a link to more universal sample of my work:
Thank you immensely for your time and if you'd like to contact me, I look forward for a message from you:
Phone: (+48)668-329-229
Languages: English, Polski


Warszawa, Mazowieckie

Telefon: (+48)668-329-229


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